Light Vessels Time Lapse Video

I like to bring work out of the studio into the living space to get a new perspective, it lets me see the work in a fresh light… and this day it was a really fresh light! The two porcelain vessels, made of layered strands of porcelain with lots of spaces between the strands, were on the cabinet in the middle of the room, safely waiting to be shipped to the Plinth Gallery show. The late afternoon sunlight played on them, the brightest light reflecting on the interior walls. The light show would rise and fall from a flicker to dazzling, it was mesmerizing, the sunlight played to the rhythm of the wind, trees, and clouds. I found myself mystified by the two white pots doing their thing in the afternoon sunlight. I set up the camera, recorded  25 minutes of video, and then sped up the play time to 65 seconds.

See them in The Slip Cast Object Revisited at Denver’s Plinth Gallery  June 5 – July 25, 2015

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