Workhouse Clay National 2015

I feel I am making real progress with the newest direction of the work. Light and shadow visible on the interior and exterior surfaces draw viewers in; there is mystery and visual depth.  The pieces are very photogenic, and I am growing as a studio photographer.


Juror Anne Currier, Professor at Alfred University, selected a Lidded Vessel similar to above to be included in the 5th Annual Workhouse Clay National Ceramics Exhibition. This exhibition represents the depth and breadth of contemporary functional and sculptural ceramic artworks being created throughout the country. Ceramic Artist and Educator, Anne Currier, juried nearly 500 images to select 54 pieces of art which incorporate a contemporary spirit as well as a technical mastery of the material. The show is a rare opportunity to see a variety of styles and techniques which encompass the field of contemporary ceramic arts.

Anne Currier: Juror’s Statement

I strongly applaud the Workhouse Arts Center for providing this annual opportunity for ceramic artists to exhibit their work. The call for applications generated a substantial pool of applicants – 495 to be exact.

Within the current exhibition, the viewing public will find a selection of works that, from my point of view, represent the strengths in various genres actively at play within the ceramic arts.

The duality of acceptance and elimination is the nature of any jurying process. Subjectivity and pragmatism are inherently joined; the juror constructs a curatorial premise based on options provided, cognizant of the finite realities of the exhibition space.

Anne Currier
June, 2015

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